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Each of our classes comprises a MAXIMUM of 7 students for primary level and 10 students for secondary level.

Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak is a centre providing tuition services for students in primary and secondary schools mainly in Subang Jaya. There are three centres operating currently and they are located at SS18 Subang Jaya, USJ 8 and Putra Heights. The centre’s principal and owner Ms Mary Yap is one dedicated educator with almost 15 years of teaching experience. Ms Mary Yap’s experience and unique teaching techniques have helped many students at all levels to become better learners and gain the confidence and skills to achieve their greatest possible academic success. Parents took notice of their children’s academic improvement and the centre gradually became reputable as one of the best places for tutorial in the area.

Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak offers tutorial classes that are specially tailored to the school syllabus with emphasis on core subjects. Important subjects such as Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science, Sejarah and Geography are taught according to exam formats with goals to yield optimal improvement on students‘ results. At Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak, students are challenged with comprehensive assesments aimed at building a solid understanding of the subject(s). Results from these assessments are used to measure the students’ performance; enabling the teachers to determine what areas the students’ need to focus on.

The student intake process begins with a meeting between the student and Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak teacher(s). In this initial contact, the student’s capability will be diagnosed by asking a series of question as well as reviewing past results of exams and tests. At this point, Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak will also identify the need for parents’ involvement and support to the student as Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak acknowledges it as one of the factors which contributes to a student’s performance.

In each of our Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak, we provide a conducive enviroment for revision and study area specially for our students only. Students use the study area for discussions and completing their homework. Feedback from parents reported that most of them would rather have their children spending their after school period at the centre attending classes as compared to staying home and surrounded by the temptations of television and video games.

Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak is focused on building the child’s education and character. Pusat Tuisyen Seri Puncak will continue to innovate and adapt to current and future changes. Providing opportunities for nurturing learning and growth, as well as no restrictions, and transparent as an open book to child’s education as well as other aspects of life. We want our students to be confident and stand strong againts the odds.